Public Lake Cabins of Alaska

For Those Looking to Enjoy The Public Use Cabin System in Alaska by Seaplane

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Visit some of the Most beautiful remote cabin locations in the world


This site has been made for pilots and non-pilot outdoor adventurers looking to enjoy the public use cabin system which is a unique treasure in Alaska.

Ninety percent of the people using these cabins arrive via chartered floatplanes and bush planes, which means these are accessible to everyone.

Within the site we have included a wealth of information for both for those looking to hire aircraft to access these cabins, as well as, aircraft owners looking to plan their adventures. We all owe our gratitude to Tom Bass who spent years flying to these cabins and created the huge catalog of information which this site was built upon.

If we do not use the cabins we will lose them!

There has been a steady decline of utilization of these cabins, much of this may be attributed to lack of the public’s knowledge that they exist and up to now a lack of a good resource to help those looking to use them with the tools they need to use to plan their trips to the cabins. 

If you are going to a lake where our data is limited, take a set of pictures which show the whole cabin, the tie up location, views, and cabin interior. For anyone going to the cabins who does own a float plane, this is a great resource to pick the type of cabin which will fit your needs.

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Where Are the Cabins Located?

Use the map below to start your journey. Then explore the tabs including the Cabins, Travel & Planning at the top of the page to help you plan a successful trip.