Public Lake Cabins of Alaska

Bug Protection

The good news is there is not as many bugs in Alaska as you might expect. Most of the time they are not an issue. You do have to be ready because if it gets buggy you have to have the equipment. Most of the cabins are near the mountains along the southeast and southern coast most of the bugs are in the flat wet lands. We flew up the Yukon river one year and were glad we had our bug coats.  We have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Bug spray for your clothes and body must be over 90 percent or more Deet or it will not work. Non Deet products are for bugs in California.
  2. Full bug suits are hot and not required, we have them and no longer take them unless we are going into the wet lands.
  3. Light colored clothes work much better than black or dark.
  4. You must cover all of your body. We do that with a head net, bug socks, and gloves. Pants and coats need a way to tighten around gloves and socks.
  5. Citronella Candles work to some degree, we use the ones from Coleman.
  6. Clothes with bug repellent built in work for about a week, a little spray of Deet works better.
  7. You can drink Crown Royal through a bug hood.