Public Lake Cabins of Alaska


We both get 18 pounds for clothing and toiletries which are packed into our own Lands’ End tote bag. The coat with survival gear and the hip boots are not included in our weight limit. This works well if we end up in a hotel we each grab our bag and the electronic bag and we are set to go. The electronic bag is discussed under the electronic tab.  One of the surprises of Alaska is how warm it is in the summer. When you look at our list keep that in mind. We take the following light colored clothes for a summer trip:

  1. Four set of fast dry underwear. My under shirts look like a Polo shirt with a zipper with one having long sleeves. Four sets of socks
  2. Two pair of fast dry pants. One pair should have zip off bottoms so you have one pair of shorts. They are hard find but if the legs have a way to tighten the bottom around the sock you will not have to use rubber bands.
  3. Three long sleeve fast shirts with lots of pockets. We use Safari type shirts.
  4. One set of Keen type sandals and a pair of Gore-Tex walking shoes which are light weight and may be ankle or a little higher.
  5. A water proof coat with lots of pockets but not heavy weight. Get it big enough to have layers underneath it. We use Patagonia fishing jackets. These have our first line of survival equipment in both coats. (see survival gear)
  6. A good quick dry baseball hat.
  7. Two fleece shirts, one light and one medium weight.
  8. Bug gear discussed under bug tab.
  9. I take hip boots which are used all the time in landing and tying up the plane.  Passenger should have boots that are knee high or if you are going fishing they should have hip boots.