Public Lake Cabins of Alaska


Because we build websites, like music, do not want to get lost, want the ability to call in an emergency and want them to find us if we crash we end with a lot of electronic goodies. I will give you the whole list and you can pick and choose.  

GPS  and communication:

  1. A portable GPS which can hold a topo map and can load a set  of way-points and cabin locations. I spend a lot of time planning the night before a flight and set up way points and a route for the flight. This is even more important if the weather is marginal and I am not familiar with the area.  I use a Garmin 796 and my passenger uses a 396. We always have two people independently navigating. Both of these GPS units do the job, The 396 is all you need. The weather features of Garmin units work in the lower part of Canada but not in Alaska.  Do not go to Alaska without a portable GPS you totally understand.
  2. Handheld aviation radio. A lot of times we are trying to get weather for a city nearby. In some lakes there is some aviation traffic which will respond and give you the weather you need. In a survival situation this will save your life. Do not leave home without it.
  3. I also carry a portable marine radio. This has come in handy in lots of situation. In low lying lake you can usually get a response on the marine radio. This is optional.
  4. The invention of the spot has drastically increased the safety of flight in remote areas. Make sure you have one, buy the tracking service and turn it on. Planes disappear in Alaska and are never found. When Hale Boggs, the House Majority Leader, plane went down 40 military aircraft and 20 civilian searched for 39 days and did not find a trace. A spot would have saved him or at least they would have found the wreck. Do not leave home without if.
  5. I have an Iridium Satellite phone. These are expensive to buy and expensive to run. If you had an emergency you would pay many multiples of what it cost to get help. When you are in some lakes the only way to get weather is with a sat phone. I think it is worth the cost.
  6. Cell phones with all the critical phone numbers such as customs and flight service loaded.  

Cameras and binoculars

  1. Binoculars are nice to have, even if it is a small pair. I have always carried a small pair, next year I am going to carry a large pair.
  2. I carry a shock proof and water proof small camera on a lanyard.  This is the small blue camera  in the picture. Eighty percent of the pictures in this web site were taken with this camera. I also carry a full size camera with an 18/200 lens.  It is the only lens I carry so I am always ready. For most people a shock proof small camera is the best option.

Entertainment and chargers

  1. Ipod with speaker. Both of these can run on AA batteries or off my battery pack.
  2. We end with about six things which need charging when we go to town and normally there is only one outlet. We solve this with a power cord with two ends and a total of six outlets.
  3. I have a New Trent 5000mAh battery. You can charge two cell phones and your IPOD on one charge. You can even charge an IPAD with it. Get a battery pack which can charge at two output rates and at least 5000mAH.