Public Lake Cabins of Alaska


We do not go to Alaska to fish. We go to see the beauty of the land. When we do go fishing we have not done as well as most of the people who have stayed in the cabin, this assumes what they say in the cabin log book is true. If we do fish it is to eat them, I am not much of a catch and release guy. We have come to the following conclusions on fishing gear:

  1.   You need to have a set of waders or hip boots. We use hip boots because that is what we use to moor the plane.
  2.   The rods we use break into three pieces so that is will pack better in the plane. We use 8 to 10 pound rods. Most of time you are fishing for smaller fish but you have to ready for the 15 pound Coho.
  3.   We take a small trout net for trout and a gaff I made out of a ski pole and a very large hook which is epoxied into the cut off pole. This Works great when you get something big up to the boat. A large salmon net or a large gaff is just too bulky for a plane trip.
  4.   All our fishing gear except the rods and net go into fishing vest which is designed to hold the plastic boxes shown. A large collection of spoons seem to be the most productive.
  5.   This system eliminates a tackle box which is just too bulky.