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Heckman Lake North Cabin

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Heckman Lake has two cabins available: Heckman Lake North Cabin and Southeast Heckman Lake Cabin. Heckman Lake is perfect for those looking for activities on and around the lake. The cabin is located near a trail system that follows the river all the way to the ocean. Traversal to Jordan Lake cabin is also possible, as Jordan Lake is not accessible to most floatplanes. Floatplanes can land on Heckman Lake and tie down, then hike two miles to Jordan Lake cabin. Southeast Heckman Lake Cabin is a better choice for those looking for a bigger cabin. In 2012 this cabin was cleaned up and had a covered porch added.


This 12-by-14 cabin ( pan-abode style ) has two single and two double bunks, to accommodate up to six people. It is also equipped with a table and benches, wood stove, splitting maul, broom and an outhouse. NOTE: Firewood may be available, but visitors are encouraged to contact the Ketchikan Misty Fjords Ranger District to check the status of the woodshed.  Water and electricity are not provided. Water is available from a nearby creek or the lake, but guests should be sure to treat water before drinking or cooking with it. It is recommended that guests bring their own water supply. Other items to pack include sleeping bags, sleeping pads, lanterns or flashlights, cookware, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, a fire extinguisher and matches, among other necessities. Guests are expected to pack out trash and clean the cabin before leaving.


The cabin is about 15 miles from Ketchikan, in the Naha Recreation Area. It is located near the outlet of Heckman Lake at the terminus of the six-mile Naha National Recreational Trail. Access is by hiking the trail from saltwater or by floatplane to Heckman Lake.

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