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Josephine Lake Cabin

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This is a standard cabin with great Alaska views. The cabin is at 1,900 ASL and can be iced over in the summer time. Tom Bass recounted “I flew over on July 1st, 2012 and could not get in because it was completely iced over. On the same day Black Bear Lake was completely open.” Tom discussed the status of the Cabin with officials in hopes for repair, but as of 2015 the cabin is still open, but in very poor condition.


The cabin is a 12 x 12 – foot primitive, pre-cut cedar log cabin (pan-abode style) furnished with wooden bunkbeds (without mattresses) that sleep up to six people. The cabin is equipped with a table, benches, an oil stove for heat and an outside toilet. Other amenities include a cooking counter, shelves, cupboard space, and a broom. The cabin does not have running water or electricity. Visitors must bring their own food, water, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cook stove, stove fuel, #1 diesel stove oil, fire starter, cooking gear/utensils, light source (lantern), toilet paper, first aid kit and garbage bags. Water is available from the lake, but must be filtered, boiled or chemically treated before drinking.


Approximately 38 air miles from Ketchikan and 28 air miles south of Craig. Access by floatplane only. Refer to USGS Craig A-2 and B-2.

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