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Kah Sheets Lake Cabin

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This cabin has quite a lot to offer with a beautiful lake, nice dock, covered deck, a trail to the ocean, and lots of open space inside the cabin. At an elevation of 150 feet this cabin is easy to get in and out of. The grass near the cabin is quite marshy but would make a great spot to beach the plane, as long as you have waders to get through.

The trail nearby follows the Kah Sheets Creek which is often full of Sockeye Salmon, which do not bite so you cannot catch them easily.


The modified A-frame cabin has two single wooden bunks, as well as a loft to accommodate up to seven people. It is equipped with an oil heater and an outdoor toilet. The cabin, outhouse and boardwalk are accessible to guests in wheelchairs.

Guests will need to bring their own sleeping bags and pads, cook stove and cooking gear, towels, food, clothing and garbage bags, among other necessities. Guests will also need to bring No. 1 heating oil for the clean-burning oil heater. Water for drinking, cooking and cleaning purposes can be filtered or treated from the lake, however, it might be a good idea for guests to bring their own.


Southeast end of Kah Sheets Lake on south end of Kupreanof Island above Kah Sheets Bay.

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