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Little River Cabin

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This cabin sits on top of a hill with views of rolling hill of deep grass on them. There is a good beach with small gravel to tie up the plane in most conditions. The lake is a mile and a half long with hills on either side.  This opens the possibility of strong winds and there is no place to hide the seaplane from them. There is frequent bear activity in this area, use caution. Tom Bass is quoted as saying, “We have an unnamed relative from the Washington DC area, an East Coast lawyer type, who with no bear knowledge came to this cabin alone to spend quality time with the local bears. To our amazement he is still with us after several personal meetings with some brown bears. The bears have lots to eat here in the summer which saved him from being on the menu. I would rate this cabin as the third best for bear watching in the Kodiak area. A good place to send unwanted relatives.


This cabin is accessible by floatplane only. It features two bunk beds and is supplied with an oil stove for heat. A storage cache is also available for storing food or hanging meat.


GPS Coordinates: 57°46’50.80″ N, 153°39’47.32 W

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