Public Lake Cabins of Alaska

Mid Timber Lake Cabin

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There are two identical cabins in this area run by the state park system, Vitus and Mid Timber. Mid Timber is the easier cabin to get to since there is a glacier filling up the lake with icebergs.


Sleeps 8 (maximum 8) with maximum stay of 7 consecutive nights per month. This cabin is on the northwest shore of Midtimber Lake. Interior furnishings include a table and benches. There is a counter and shelf space for food preparation. A cooking area is located outside on the porch as well. Additionally, the cabins have an outside bench, pit latrine, and bear-proof food storage box nearby. The cabin heat source is an oil stove. Please use Number One fuel oil or kerosene. Trails connect the cabins, the coast and a natural landing strip near a USGS research camp. The trail from the beach along the Gulf Coast to the landing strip is 7.3 miles.


GPS Coordinates: N 60°4’47.67 W 143°21’8.75″

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