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Petersburg Lake Cabin

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This is a large cabin with large covered decks on the front and back of the cabin. The lake is a little more than a mile long with 200 foot tall trees on either end. The cabin is at 100 foot elevation which would normally make it easy to get in and out of; however, rain and fog can often set in and keep you here for several days. There is a protected beach which makes a great spot to tie up the airplane. There is also a 10 mile trail going to a beach across from the town of Petersburg.


This pan-abode style cabin was constructed in 2003. It has two bunk beds with double space below and single above. The cabin is equipped with a table and benches and a wood stove for heat. Firewood is provided, but not guaranteed. An outhouse with a pit toilet is provided.

The only fresh water available is from the lake, creek or melted snow. Water taken from any outdoor source should be treated or boiled before consumption. Guests are encouraged to bring their own drinking water if possible.

Guests will need to bring their own sleeping bags and pads, lanterns and flashlights, cook stove and cooking gear, towels, food, clothing, fire starter and garbage bags, among other necessities. The cabin will need to be cleaned prior to leaving and all garbage and food needs to be carried out.


On southeast end of Petersburg Lake, west of Petersburg.

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