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Plotnikof Lake Cabin

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The cabin lies near the north end of narrow, 4-mile long Plotnikof Lake on Baranof Island at an elevation of 275 feet. The cabin sits 100 feet back from the shore, on a narrow path lined with dense thickets of shoulder-height brush and berries. Large old-growth spruce and hemlock trees surround the cabin.

The area offers wilderness solitude and beauty. The view from the cabin includes waterfalls cascading from steep granite slopes that rise to snow-capped ridges. Brown bear frequent the area.


The 12 x 14-ft wood, pan abode-style cabin can accommodate up to six people. It offers two double plywood bunks and two single plywood bunks. Amenities include an oil stove for heat, a table with benches, a cooking counter, broom, axe or splitting maul, outdoor screened cooler box and an outhouse toilet.

The cabin does not include heating oil, mattresses or cooking utensils. Visitors should bring #1 diesel oil (generally 10 gallons for a three-day stay, more of less depending on the time of year), sleeping bags and pads, a cooking stove, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, a lantern, garbage bags, a fire extinguisher and fire starter. Rain gear and boots are recommended. Firewood is not provided for campfires; gather dead and down wood.

Water is available from the lake or a nearby inlet stream, but must be treated before using. It’s recommended that visitors bring their own water.

A small skiff with oars is provided. A 2-10 HP long-shaft outboard motor enhances use of the skiff, but is not provided. Bring personal flotation devices (PFDs). Be sure plug is in before launching boat. Tie skiff well up on shore and pull plug before leaving so boat does not fill with rain water.


Located in southcentral Baranof Island within the South Baranof Wilderness Area 45 air miles southeast of Sitka and 4 miles east of Whale Bay; 40 minutes by float plane from Sitka.

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