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Twin Lakes Cabin

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This cabin is located on two lakes and is also called Figure-Eight Lake. Some maps show the lakes connected, but depending on water levels they can lower and become separate lakes. At best there is about 1200 feet which makes it impossible for most seaplanes to land. Each lake is about 1/4 mile long, so even in the best conditions when the lakes are connected there is only about 3000 feet of length. It is recommended to land in the river and hike to the cabin; however, your passengers have to be fairly strong to manage the airplane with the current of the river.


The 16-by-16 cabin (A-frame style) was built in 1962 and has two single bunks (one with a trundle bed) and a second-floor loft, to sleep up to seven people. The cabin also has a table with benches, oil stove (No.1 oil only), broom and outhouse. The partially covered front porch has a built-in bench and wooden cooler box for food storage. Water and electricity are not provided. Water is available from the lake or slough, but guests should be sure to treat water before taken from any outdoor source prior to drinking or cooking with it. It is recommended that guests bring their own water supply. Heating oil is not supplied by the Forest Service. In addition to bringing a supply of No.1 stove oil, guests should pack sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a cooking stove, lanterns or flashlights, cookware, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, a fire extinguisher and matches, among other necessities. Guests are expected to pack out trash and clean the cabin before leaving.


Cabin is located at the mouth of Twin Lakes Slough on the N side of the Stikine River. Access is by shallow draft boat NE of Wrangell and 18 miles up the Stikine River. Low river levels can limit access to the cabin and lakes.

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