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West Swan Lake Cabin

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West Swan Lake Cabin is in a very remote area on the Kenai Peninsula of south-central Alaska. Swan Lake is just steps away from the cabin, with great fishing and boating opportunities. The beach is well protected for tying up the airplane. Take offs from this lake can be difficult due to the steep sides and narrow nature of the lake. There is no trail access to this cabin. Cross country travel in this area is very difficult. This cabin is reachable only by float plane during the ice free seasons, and can be reached by snowmobile, hiking or skiing when the lake is frozen and travel is safe. Visitors are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety, and must bring several of their own amenities. When booking make sure to refer to this cabin as West Swan Lake Cabin as to not confuse it with the other Swan Lake Cabins.


The log cabin has bunk space for six and a maximum occupancy of eight people. It is equipped with counter space, table, benches and a wood stove for heat. A splitting maul and handsaw are available. An outhouse is also provided.

There is no electricity, potable water, mattresses, bedding, cooking utensils or cut firewood at the cabin. Visitors should bring water, food, sleeping bags and pads, a cook stove and cooking gear. Water taken from the lakes and streams should be treated or boiled before consumption. All garbage and food must be packed out.


In the summer this cabin is accessible by floatplane (15 minute flight from Cooper Landing or 30 minute flight from Moose Pass). There is no trail to this cabin. It is a difficult 2 mile bushwhack through dense vegetation and steep terrain from the east end of Swan Lake. Winter access is by skiing of snowmobiling over the frozen surface of Swan Lake.

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