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Young Lake Cabin – South

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South Young Lake Cabin offers guests recreation, relaxation and a unique wilderness lodging experience on the northern tip of Admiralty Island in the Tongass National Forest. The remote site offers a scenic setting for hiking, fishing, boating, berry picking and wildlife viewing, all within the vicinity of the cabin. South Young Lake Cabin is one of two cabins on the lake. The other is the North Young Lake cabin. This cabin was updated in 2010 and looks great!
Access to the cabin is float plane only.


The one-room cabin is a primitive, pre-cut cedar log cabin in pan-abode style, furnished with wooden bunkbeds without mattresses that sleep up to six guests. The cabin is equipped with a table, benches, an oil stove for heat and an outside toilet. Other amenities include cooking counters, shelves, cupboard space and a broom.

The cabin does not have running water or electricity, and visitors must bring their own water, food, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cook stoves, matches, cooking gear/utensils, light source, #1 stove oil, toilet paper, first aid kit and garbage bags.

Visitors should bring #1 heating oil (kerosene) to fuel the stove. The stoves will burn half a gallon in eight hours at the lowest setting, and up to 1.2 gallons during eight hours at the highest setting. A flash light is handy for looking into the burn chamber when lighting the stove. Matches or a lighter are needed to light a small piece of paper to drop in to the burn chamber when lighting the stove. Detailed directions with photos on how to light the stove are provided in the cabin.


The cabin is on the north end of Admiralty Island at the southeast end of Young Lake. Access by float plane or by 5.8 mile foot trail from Admiralty Cove. This cabin is in designated Wilderness area, and access by helicopter is illegal. One-way flight time from Juneau is 15 minutes. Suggested USGS topo map: Juneau A-2

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